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THE BELL AND LAMP …sounds like a pub but its a table

IMG_1008In Great Britain and Ireland, they have named their pubs’ many different names and types of names. Wikipedia lists a plethora of names and headings for pubs- names for animals, royalty, animals. etc.

Also in Great Britain and Ireland, many pubs have tables made from a cast iron base in black and an oak top aged to dark browns by years of beers, drinks, and layers of varnish!IMG_1006

We have a new table for you.  Our cast iron and dark oak top pub table- but we are showing it as a lamp table or side table or even an entry table.

John took a vintage Singer sewing machine table..our last one! { John will be sad} and refurbished the base with a good cleaning, new paint- using the original design of adding gold paint to the Singer name and emblem! Giving it a  grand appearance.

He then made a table top and center drawer with solid oak wood, which he stained with his own mix, giving the table a rich walnut color.  Then he sealed it with multiple layers of polyurethane rubbed to a glass-like finish.  The cute little black knob to finish it off.


The tables measure 30 tall by 30wide and 16 in deep.  The treadle still moves and she sits on the original casters.  A neat and unique item for your home

THIS BABY SOLD THIS WEEK!!! HER NEW HOE IS IN MARYLAND.  A WONDERFUL STORY ABOUT THIS PURCHASE; The cost to ship was over $200.00 but the owner still wanted the table and she asked me to hold it for her- she paid the full price meanwhile…a trusting woman.

Anyway, her husband was going to come by Ohio on their way back from a trip to Tennessee.  She went on back to Maryland with friends and he made the extra day’s journey to come to collect the table.  I reimbursed them for the shipping and off he went.  There is some love in that story!!

We have a few more treadle tables- go to our Etsy shop to see!



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