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When John and I started this adventure, milk paint was all the rage.  John, a cabinet maker, and former antique dealer HATED the idea of painting wood.  But I saw a ‘cuteness’  in redoing an old wood piece with a coat of paint.  However, after using milk paint for awhile, I lost my fondness for it.  I found the tops would mark, or chip.  They easily scratched.  So I went to latex paints for a while and found I preferred that look.  The chippy and heavy distress look then became the new look, and so we did a few of these but>>>>

Plain milk paint- a look I still like
A chippy wood finish love by many but not my cup of tea
A distressed or antiqued item, which I still like and I have a similar piece in my home


I still wasn’t happy.  We found antique sewing machines and John thoroughly embraced the redesign of these antiques.  He made wood tables, wine racks, cabinet top tables. John had a ball.  He even refinished a few when the oak stain did not sell.  He went to the more modern dark walnut/ mission stain. After John went through his Treadle Sewing Machine phase,

Singer Sewing Machine base from the early 1900s
Treadle refurbished and operating, center drawer and iron knob addition to the top as an added feature, adding to the uniqueness of his work

I even did a couple with paint and waxes- The blue lady has a white base with gold waxes, and the blue cabinet is glazed and waxed.


Blue lady cream and gold waxes base
Blue glazed and gray waxed cabinet table

After we got the treadle tables out of our system: we made a total of twenty of these.  We still have these two, and a wine rack and walnut one left.  We got an order for a farmhouse table.  And John being John, he made two.  We have a gorgeous cedar one left with the richest JavaStain finish.  I wish I had room for this table and bench.  It is, in my opinion, the best-looking piece.

Next, we got an order from a shop to make some dining tables with a stained top and painted bottom.  I knew we could get a beautiful and durable wood finish and we could paint the bases and accompanying chairs.  I loved that look.  We still have two of these tables now.  A larger table, around 6 ft long, which could accommodate eight.  The top is a rich walnut stain, and we painted the apron and legs a creamy white. This contract formalized a decision for me.  I knew I now really preferred the option of wood and paint!

Walnut and Cream

And he made a smaller table for a kitchen or small dining area of about five feet long- a gorgeous custom walnut stain which shows the grain of the wood beautifully.  Again the apron and legs are painted a creamy white.

I still wanted to have other furniture with this wood and paint -look, which I found exciting…The best of Two worlds-  Wood ‘N” Paint. Which do you prefer?

An example of one of my favorite color combinations

One of my goals for this summer is to create some pieces with this look.  I have a jewelry armoire in the works.  I still want to paint my bathroom sink cabinet a gray, beige color in milk paint.  I am always updating my redecorating of the condo. And there is the garden to start, and I want to learn to make bread and……

Thanks for reading. Do you like painted furniture?  If so, which do you prefer; all paint or wood and paint?

Talk soon

Take good care



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