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The Celtic Lady Has Sold! Now to more Pebble Art N’ Doodles

As You Know… Whimsey is my favorite part of the shop.

First I have an announcement.  We have sold the Celtic Lady to a lady in New Mexico.  I do hope she enjoys the piece.  JR had richly embellished her piece with gold thread and beads- it really was a gorgeous item. the extra work in the train of the gown and the side trims were especially ornate

celtic angel 4

The wreath and candles and facial detail also very special.

celtic angel 3

So today I am planning on getting together some of my bits of whimsey.  I plan to take these to a local art and gift shop.  The 143 Gallery in Green Ohio is a special place.  They have a picture framing shop and have lots of different items from local artists and from outside artisans she finds.


I have three sets of items to bring.  First I have small wood plaque posey bouquets to bring which when clustered make a  pretty addition to a wall in a bedroom or hallway.  I have a picture of three of these in an entryway.

These are small floral collages with silk flowers, lace, greenery, and small charms placed on woodcuts which have been stained and sealed. They average around 7 inch ovals.


The next item is a framed ink sketch doodle of a wood deer.  I got this ideas while in Ireland.  I saw some art pieces on Pinterest for this. I was especially captivated by an artist named Alfred Basha from Italy.  If you go to my Pinterest page you see some of his work.  The bottom of the animal is a tree branch or trunk and the doodle of tree branches and leaves compose the inner body after you sketch the animal outline.  I have never tried anything like this before and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I mounted it on double matted in white board and had it framed in black- to keep the black and white theme.  It is covered in non reflective art glass.  I got the idea for the deer from a Christmas cookie box!

The next thing I am going to bring to the art shop is a couple of pebble art pieces like I made in Ireland.  I actually bought an additional bag on the airplane with me from Ireland containing my pebbles from Wexford beaches, driftwood from Curocloe Beach in Wexford- the d day landing scene for the movie Private Ryan, and some bogoak from the Irish Midlands to use in my piece.  I hope they like them.  So far I have just two little items made for sale.  I will be putting these on my website store and my Etsy shop soon.

All the white framed pebble art is framed in 10min square wood deep frames with plexiglass covers.  This one called up and away has Wexford pebbles and a piece of bog oak

The second stone piece is called Bird in the Bush. It has local twigs anEucalyptusus stems the pink floral is from my Ohio collections.

The stone in the right corner represents the sun

Finally, I am offering another beauty by JR Cross-Stitchery.  It is a solid wood framed picture of prairie flowers and the colors and detail are wonderful.  The picture is stretched and mounted on board, then placed in the 16 x 13 glass frame.  It is possible to remove the item and ship the board mount only to reduce postal weight. The white spot is the glare from my camera.  Here is a closup.

I’ll let you know how they go over in the local art shop.  Meanwhile, If YOU like any of these items. Feel free to contact me and we can make a special order.

Thanks for reading the blog….Remember I always love hearing from you guys!

Talk soon



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