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The Redo on the Jewelry Armoire

I have been in the process of upgrading our condo in Ohio. Over the past three years, I’ve repainted to the neutral grays and grudges, added furniture, redid the kitchen to white cabinets and added new granite, new carpet, and added or replaced some furniture.  It has been a long process and I am close to a point where the major changes are ending.  I still am tweaking and will probably be tweaking for years. [smile]

Today I want to show you the jewelry armoire.  While I don’t have that much jewelry to store, this was a gift from my kids….many years ago and I am attached to it. It was made out of golden oak.  That golden oak color does not fit in with my color scheme and it has been bothering me.  Everynite when I go to the bedroom it is the first thing I see in a room of blues, grays, and dark browns so it needed to be updated too.

So, with the help of John, we finally changed it.




I did not want to sand the entire chest down to refinish and repaint.  General Finish states you can use their products right over the old finish,  I have been observing General Finishes products on the internet for a while now and I wanted to try their new chalk paint and gel stain right over this chest. The accents in the house are now mainly blue with a touch of yellow.  The accent for the bedroom I wanted in a dark gray-blue similar to Farrow and Ball’s Stiffkey blue…  I bought GF chalk paint in two colors:

midnight blue and fjord blue

I thought midnight blue had too much black in it and I wanted a bit more blue so I mixed in fjord blue

The mix was about half n half and it came close to matching the color I really wanted which was Barrel and Falls Stiffkey blue – a dark gray-blue.


I use the top of the armoire as a makeup table- it sits next to my highboy dress and I can stand in sunlight and use the mirror on the top of the dresser to apply my makeup in a natural light.  So because I use the top so much, I wanted a hard finish.   I used General Finishes High-Performance poly- a water-based finish for tabletops




SO here is the unveiling- I love the General Finish Walnut gel stain on the top and legs.  John had to put three coats on the top to get the color right. But he only lightly sanded prior to application and it went on great.  The custom mix,  basically I mixed half to half ratio for the two blues, and it came out great against that dark walnut.  The drawer handles were left in the gold brass tone and I love the look agains the dark blue.


And here it is

I love the Java Gel stain on the top.  We just lightly sanded the golden oak and applied THREE coats of the walnut java stain to get the color I wanted but it was well worth it.

I love that we kept the legs and top wood.  It was a look I had seen on Pinterest and wanted to duplicate.


We kept the hardware that gold brass color and I like the look against the dark blue-gray color.  The only thing I would do differently is the finish.  We put the high-performance poly in semi-gloss on the top.  I would still put it on the wood, but I would put the satin finish on the painted part of the chest.  I did not want to wax the piece.  I find that using wax over chalk paint requires additional upkeep, which I want to avoid. I still use a satin ploy or even a flat poly onpaintedd furniture


BTW We would be happy to paint and/or restain/redo your loved treasure.  Just give us a call or fill out a contact form and we will be happy to help you.!


While we were waiting for the paint to dry-haha, I made a chocolate almond olive oil cake- delicious. Will share that with you next.



Talk soon


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