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I have always heard of the rule of three.  I have used it in my garden mainly, but I also use it in home decor. I did a bit of research for this post and found this rule was bigger and more powerful than I ever knew. The rule of three is a tenant used in gardening, decor, writing, science, religion, architecture and other areas.

I have posted three tables styled within this concept.  Firstly: the coffee table.  You can design your table personally for you.  Do you like a highly stylized look or are you a minimalist?  Just placing ONE object on a table can make a statement.


single concept on my table

This example shows a vase with bright flowers but a porcelain or crystal bowl, a stature, a basket.  Use something that appeals to you and remember to use an odd number in your decor.  If you take a look at a google search, you will find that most coffee tables are styled with the number three.  It might be three single objects: Bowl, book, tray, tall vase.  Or it must be three clusters of three. When finding objects for your table, look for varying heights to add interest and keep your table from looking too flat.

My coffee table

As you can see here, I made a three-cluster tableau.  I placed a tray in the center with a few objects that I like.  I like to decorate with candles. I have mixed a colorful glass bowl with candles and an antique stoneware picture with a blue color.  My living room is painted gray, and my furniture is green and gold and brown.  My main accent color is blue, so I try to place at least one blue object in each room.

Coffee Table Tableau

To the other sides of the tray, I have a pile of books and a tall vase with tree branches.  I try to have something alive on the table in the warm months.  In the winter I put a vase with twigs or branches and put a string of tiny lights within the vase to add interest to the plain dried object.  Right now I have taken branches from my red maple tree and  put them in water with a little sugar. They should last for a week or so.  I love the deep red with the hint of green in the leaves.

I so love the red and green mix in these maple tree leaves!

Side/end tables

I have a much-loved walnut library table I have brought with me from home to home.  Today the table is in her third home.  The table is round with three shelves.  I use to have all three shelves stacked with books, but I now use it as an end table.  I only have books on the bottom shelf; mainly art books.  The middle has an antique porcelain duck in blue and white, again pulling in my accent color. On the table top, I have my lamp of course, but I also have a candle within a lantern, the mandatory cup coasters, and a tall hickory pillar.  I bought this in my local art gallery Galley 143. The pillar is made from a man’s old hickory farm fence.  The years have weathered the wood with crevices that I love. I have a cluster of 5 objects on this table.  Remember to try and place an odd number of objects on your table.  The odd man is NOT out in decor!

Odd Number – 5 object tabletop

Love the cracks!

The basis of the rule of three is an ancient principle; the well-known concept of the triangle.  The triangle has been an ancient mystic symbol still revered and used today. Try to remember to place your objects within the points of a triangle, part of the rule of three.  incorporate layering or stacking, a horizontal, a vertical.  Try to use something alive or at least a good artificial plant. But most of all, love how it looks.  If you love it, it works for you.

I will update you guys on new updates of decor in the house and how I use basic decor and style principles my way.  If you are interested in following my journey, please sign up for my newsletter. HERE You can find the signup on the right side panel of my website pages


Thanks for reading.  I would love to hear from you guys on your decor. Remember to write your ideas in the comment section below.

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