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Well, I have made a valiant attempt to follow the program offered by the local health and wellness physician.  If you remember I first started on this about three months ago here

I had launched this program based on a friend of a friend’s outcome for weight loss.  I wanted to lose some weight.  After going through the first five weeks of this program, I am now convinced this friend of a friend was very overweight, and she lost most of her weight by eating healthy foods.

I was already eating healthy as described by this doctor.  I eat organic fruits and veggies, organic meats and milk.  The program started out by eliminating SUGAR, corn, and white potatoes.  I was to continue with MY eating habits but add two veggies to breakfast and lunch.  I tried juicing to get the veggies in the morning, but  I still have a hard time doing that and do not make that goal often.  I am also drinking a cup of bone broth a day.

Eliminating sugar is very difficult, I found sugar in every loaf of bread, every box of crackers, and many other foods and condiments. So that goal was hard to fully implement. After one month, I lost only two pounds!  The program continued and exercise was added to the daily routine. I had an office visit to review my blood work.  I was found to be low in Vit Bs, Vit D was not a high as the physician wanted and other information was shared.  The doctor said  I showed evidence of inflammatory reactions in my body.

The doctor also performs an Elisa IgG blood test.  There is much debate about the use of this test.  Some consider it a valid indication for food intolerances and other scientific organizations say not so.  One of the maybe places I found was this 

The PRO sites were all advocates of the new age wellness concept, and you can find them everywhere on the internet.  A  website against the issue was this site.   In a somewhat favorable light, I would say any HIGH positive results on this test needs further investigation.  My test said I was high in dairy and egg .  I will look further into this possibility.

My exercise program is not as intensive as they desire, but I have been walking, and I’ve been very active in the garden.  I ‘ve been digging holes for new plants and transplanting others.  I finally got my upraised garden bed.  I’ll share that with you later.

Back to the program.  The doctor placed me on a series of vitamins and food supplements.  Now what I didn’t know when I started it that the program is it is not the doctors but a program from a supplement company from Florida.  I felt a bit cheated by not having a program based on JUST my test results.  I know the doctor states the vitamins and supplements were geared for me and picked by her, but after looking at this company’s website and searches about the company, I feel that was done only in a very generic manner.  So I tried the program for a couple of weeks and found I could not take the vitamins both in the morning, as they bothered my stomach, nausea, burning, etc.  Or at night, they cause insomnia.  So I settled for once a day at lunch, and that seemed ok.  However, I was still having problems with diarrhea and sore guts.

At first, I didn’t link that to the pills or the protein drink but after I looked up everything I now feel I cannot do this program.

I found out even veggie protein mixes can cause diarrhea and gut problems.  I surprisingly found out that some of the vitamins I was taking were a combination of vitamins and food supplements. One specific was turmeric, good for inflammation they say.  BUT was stopped me dead in my tracts was the supplement they gave me to clear you gut of intestinal parasites and another to kill candida, a yeast.

Now I felt we are at a step too far for me.  I had no specific testing for candida or intestinal worms or parasites. When I asked about why I was taken off gluten when I showed no reaction on the IgG test, I was told that gluten itself is hard on the gut.  Furthermore, this program specifically is aimed at healing the gut.  This practice of supplements for killing yeast and parasites, just confirmed my feeling that this was a generic, health wellness program and not as specific as I desired.

My body’s reaction to the program is telling me to stop and so I will.   There may be some problems with the facility here, and I hope I am allowed to leave without incident.  I do wish I had asked MORE questions; especially about the treatment. I also wish I had spoken to the friend of a friend.

So if you guys are thinking about the new paleo, ketos, and other diets, All I can say is  I wished I went with a more natural way-  with food, not supplements to do this.  And as always do your own research and decide for yourself.

I will start again as soon as my poor gut system settles down but will do it with food alone.  I will also look into the dairy and egg issue.

Well thanks for listening

Talk soon

take good care


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