I have a walkway that goes up to the front door from the drive/street. I have planted multiple flowers and shrubs in this little area and haven’t yet found a combination that works for me.  The area is only 20 inches wide and about 20 feet long.

My Walkway

I originally I planted six heather plants.  I eventually found out that the home and garden store had sold me, Mexican Heather.  This plant cannot handle the cold snowy winter of zone 6A Ohio.  The following spring they did not look very good so I fed and watered them and they looked healthy again by fall.  Again I came back in spring after my winter in Ireland.  One plant was completely dead and the others were barely hanging on.  I tried one more winter and then gave up and pulled up all the plants the next spring.  I think I kept trying to keep them because I am used to the tenacity of heather in Ireland.  Only after bringing one of the plants to a real garden center did I learn they were not the heather variety that was found in the British Isles and Ireland.

Mexican Heather

The next spring I put in flowers.  Geraniums  in varying colors.  They did not do as well as I liked and so the next year I tried filling the bed with choral bells.  The front of the house is in the shade until mid afternoon and then the sun bakes that area until sunset.  The flower bed area is against the brick wall of the garage and remains in the shade most of the time. I wised up a bit and looked for plants that were hardy and tolerated shade.  Choral bells were recommended and I planted the entire bed with the purple and pink plants.  Now the trouble with this choice was the sideway.  The flower stalks of choral bells are long and so they hung over the narrow side walk, brushing up against everyone. The flower stems are also a bit sticky and they clung to your clothes as you passed.  Not so good a choice. I moved them to another garden.

By then we started to experience the drainage problems and  soil migration from the front of the house to the downward slope of the yard.  The soil level in the flower bed dropped by 4 inches.  After a few horrendous attempts at finding the cause, it was determined that drainage pipes in the allotment had gradually all collapse and underground water was causing migration of soil, sinkholes, etc.  It was a mess and cause the homeowner association a small fortune to source and start correcting the problems.

After having new soil put into the front of the yard and eventually the rebuilding of a retaining wall I was ready to plant flowers in the bed- I choice annuals to see how the drainage fix was going to work.  I put in geraniums and inpatients and it looked nice. For some reason, the inpatients did not do as well as I seen in this inspiration picture.


Now I am trying a new concept.  I went to Home Depot today and purchased four boxwood plants on sale.  I had gotten a couple last year for another part of the garden and they came from a garden nursery and cost me $40  a plant.  The Home Depo plants were only $9.00 each.  I also think they are a different variety than the nicer and more expensive plants I placed by the drive way.

Now boxwood is one of my favorite evergreen plants.  We have had different evergreens over the years. I dislike the prickly ones and did not want a yellow color plant so the boxwood seemed the best choice.  I follow a blog online written by a man in upstate NY where I grew up.  He and his partner have taken an old Big House” and have restored it .  His name is Keven LeeJacobs and his blog a garden for the house.  He cooks too! He has made a huge English garden with boxwood hedges.  In one post, he explains how to take a cutting and make more plants.  I plan to use these new boxwood to eventually expand the walkway into a green hedge,


I am mindful that this walkway is in a precarious area.  I don’t know if the drainage issue has completely resolved.  In addition, the guys who shovel the snow are not too mindful of any plantings in that area.  Therefore, I think it best to experiment with some more economically choices.  If this boxwood variety is not what I want, I can switch them out.  But if I am going to make a hedge, I don’t thin I need a spectacular specimen.  Right now I have placed a black plant holder in  the center.  I put a colorful purple plant to add a dramatic piece of color.  I can eventually place small plant in the front of the hedges.

The hedge is on my agenda for tomoorw mornig.  AFTER the rain.  The ground is always easier to dig after the rains soften the soil.

Send me some ideas or pictures on your walkways.

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