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I started out milk painting and waxing furniture after finding Miss Mustard Seed online a few years ago and actually have followed her ever since.  Looking at her old blog, she apparently started blogging in 2009.  I never knew that.  I started reading her blog on a search for painted furniture around  2014.  I had this old oak table I had purchased the 1880s in a furniture shop in the Amish area of New Philadephia  & Millersburg, Ohio.  The table was in an old country style, very straight but a beautiful solid piece of oak, oak was very popular in country furniture then.

I saw her blog and purchased a yellow milk paint from my local hardware store in Hartville, Ohio…another Amish/Mennonite area of Ohio.  I decided to paint the sides and leave the top and drawer front in the oak.  Oak was still selling in my area at that time.  Miss Mustard Seed a.k.a Marian was also giving tutorials on her waxes.  I purchased her antiquing wax and her clear wax and a special brush.  I followed her instructions to the letter and was quite pleased with the finished result.

You can see the dark wax/antiquing I applied.  Much more subtle than I would do now but it was my first pieces and I was not so sure of the technique.  I still have this piece.  I think it was made to be a bedside lamp table but I have it in my family room.  No one ever favored it at the store and it never sold.









My taste changed over time.  The chippy milk paint became quite popular and I really did not favor that look.  I saw some pieces that were just gorgeous but they did not fit my style.  A local shop was doing a lot of that and so we passed that technique by.  One local art gallery also does country chic painted furniture at The Gallery 143


I love this look in her shop..she had a reddish chest I absolutely loved but somehow I don’t see it in my home.  John does NOT do painted furniture he says…at least not paint that doesn’ look like wood.   🙂

I then moved to painting furniture with latex paint…flat or eggshell.  I stopped using wax and polyurethaned the piece. I found the pieces did not scratch as much as the milk paint pieces and I  actually like the piece with flat toned colors and the top with a bit of flat poly.  It almost looked like milk paint but not quite and it was a bit tougher.

As you saw at the top of the blog, I have this ugly old jewelry chest I want to change.  Also, I now am thinking of Craig’s List scouting again because I found a new favorite and it involves milk paint again.  John used a General Finishes Java stain on our walnut stained rough sawn cedar farm table.  I absolutely love this table but it is 6 ft long and was too big for the condo dining area.


But now I see General Finishes is now making a milk paint with a poly- like topcoat. General Finish is not a true milk paint it is actually an acrylic blend but so far it is my favorite.   Now mind, I believe most of the milk paint people also have a top coat available now, Miss Mustard Seed, The Real Milk Paint Co, Country Chic milk paint; just to name a few.   Of the milk paints, I’d say Miss Mustard Seed and Country Chic are my favorites. I love the soft colors of Miss Mustard Seed and the waxes of Country Chic.

Can’t wait to get back to try the General Finishes…Remember, I have an old yellow oak little chest that is just screaming for a makeover!

Thanks for listening….talk soon.

Let me know what brand you like.


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