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Today I posted an item for over gulp….. $1,000.00

This is a rare Minton Chica works tile.  We have ten.  In the European cast iron fireplaces, the sides of each were lined with 5 tiles of a pretty pattern.

I suppose you would have to be a collector to understand why these tiles are collector items and maybe someone from the East Coast of the USA familiar with the Victorian house of yore to understand, but even in Ohio, we have a few old mansion houses with the tile in the fireplaces.  Anyway, I researched the tiles by contacting the Minton Archives in England and going to a website I frequently use called Tile Heaven. I found a similar tile there.  The Minton Archives also use his services.  I found the pattern was registered and in the Minton catalog for 1889.  Minton is a world brand name, sort of the Tiffanys for tiles.  Now we know the tile can be at most  128 yrs old.  Now that is a true antique and

I would wager there aren’t too many of these around, let alone ten!  I then went on eBay and other sites to look at tiles for say and did the usual google and yahoo searches and found that one thousand British pound sterling was not over the top for this item.  I have now listed it on eBay and Etsy for the Irish store Periodpieces Design.  That is our Etsy and Facebook stores in Ireland.  so we will wait and see.  But holy cow what a price!!!!

What do you think???

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