With half of every year spent in Ireland and John hailing from the country, Irish art and culture have a huge impact on our design and our lives.

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    Ireland calls itself the land of saints and scholars.  Many categories come under scholars, including artists and writers.  As I travel looking for gates and doors to photograph, I have also taken a few pix of the roadway sculptures. I recently learned that Ireland has a law that took 1% of the cost of building a roadway and targeted for roadway […]
    Something reminds me- when I am traveling I always miss the other place at some time during my journeys.  When I am in Ireland, I miss people and things in Ohio and when I am in Ohio, I miss parts of Ireland. Yesterday when I was searching the photo library for that Irish pickers sign of the Lady in the Hat, I viewed some Irish scenery pictures I […]
  • HAND TURNED PEN SETS-Do you know what BUBINGA is???
    The first pen set you see was made in our shop in Ireland {This shop has the lathe} with a wood called Bubinga. Bubinga is an African Hardwood, specifically an Equatorial Africa of western Africa including Gabon, Congo, and Angola. sometimes called the African Rosewood, it may resemble other hardwood mahogany wood from South American. It has a […]
  • Craven Dunhill Pottery Fireplace Tile- Antique- Victorian- Art Noveau
    We have a collection of Antiques in Ireland.  Periodically we bring some items over to Ohio for the enjoyment of our USA customers.  One unique item is a fireplace tile.  The old cast iron fireplaces of the Victorian home had pretty tiles lining the outside of the insert of the fireplace.    The tiles would match or would be part of a […]
    I have recently embarked on the genealogy DNA searches.  I got my results back from 23 and Me just recently, and I did get some unexpected results.  I did confirm my roots are from Ireland and Great Britain.  Years ago I went to Ireland to locate my grandmother, Delia Ryan’s, birth records to obtain Irish citizenship under this unique Irish […]