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Tree Branch Animal Doodles

Three or four years ago, I got a tin box of cookies for a Christmas present. A squarish tin of a red and green plaid with a fantasized deer on the cover. I loved it. All the swirls in the deer and in the deer antlers were raised and I delighted in the feel of it. Every time I got a cookie, I would trace the whirls with my finger. Well, we ate all the cookies but I then took the tin and put it away in my cupboard.

One day while scrolling through Pinterest I saw an outline of a deer which had been made part of tree branches and leaves. I loved the look and then found a few more. I tried to find out who was drawing these neat creatures. I found one really nice set was drawn by an Italian artist, A. Basha and some made in the USA were by a man Sam Larson and again others by a native American, whose name I never found. I had been doodling to past the time and began a doodle notebook to play with when watching TV.

Pinterest is a great inspiration source for me and so I began to doodle the deer from the box. I took the picture to the frame shop and had the doodle double matted in white and then framed with a glass black wood frame. Please forgive the condition of this picture but it has been heavily wrapped by the frame company but I think you can see enough to see the details of the branches and leaves.

I couldn’t trace the deer but I could take a roller over the paper on top of the tin. Then I simply drew over the lines in the indentations. Once the outline was complete I took an art pen to freehand draw the branches and leaves.  I got the art pen at on Amazon

The double matting and the black frame really offset the sketch nicely.  I am going to have to learn how to cut mats and try to ease that expense a bit.  This will be for sale in our store soon.  It is shippable! 🙂


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