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Today I got my new Iris bulbs in the mail.  I used a catalog order from Brecks.  A local online shop that imports bulbs directly from Holland.  We will see how this works for me.

Iris is one of my favorite flowers.  I have a huge bed in the front garden with a dark purple I rebloomer and some newer Irish in the new beds on the back from a local garden center.  I noticed my front bed Irish did not bloom as much this year and that is my own failure.

While Iris is a hardy and forgiving plant, they can grow and overgrow.  If you want fresh and new blooms every year, you must separate the bulbs to give them room to expand.  I did not do that and so few bloom this year. Late summer early fall is the best time to separate your old plant as it allows the new roots to establish themselves before winter.

I ordered two Iris Violet Turner Reblooming.  Why the term rebloomer? Well, I never knew this years ago and just planted any Iris I fancied.  Some Irish actually will bloom twice in a year: late spring-early summer as usual but REbloomers flowers again in late summer or fall.  Just when you need a new beauty in the garden after the heavy blooming of the summer.

Brecks has a very nice catalog. It tells me where to plant, what zone I am in, how much sun, water, ground type, etc.  It also gives a nice description of the plant and if there are any special attributes. Lie this specific Iris: the Violet /turner is known for its sweet perfume.  My other dark purple rebloomer has a little scent.

I will share with you how to plant these tubers- if they are not planted correctly they die.

An Irish is not a bulb as is a tulip.  It is called a rhizome. Additionally, A rhizome is not buried like a bulb.  The top of the rhizome must stay exposed to absorb the sunlight for the plant growth 

My friend Barb is a gardening expert. She says I must:

  • soak the rhizome in water before I plant.  It gives the plant a drink and also moistens the roots and makes it more malleable to plant
  • I have to plant it tow more. It can’t sit in the water too long  
  • Plant the rhizome on its side but on a bit of a hill; allowing the roots to hang down on the sides of the hill
  • Then scoop the soil up the sizes of the rhizome
  • Make sure the very top is exposed so the rhizome does not rot.  Make sure mulch is not placed on the top of the plant either.

Well, they are in the water soaking…hope we have a nice day tomorrow to plant them.  If they work out, I’ll get more next year.

Thanks for listening.  Do you have a favorite flower?  Have you ever planted iris- share in the comments section.  Thanks

Talk soon; take good care

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