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Update On WoodnWhimsey’s 2018

Well, John and I are getting ready to go back to Ireland, and while we did accomplish a lot this summer, I still have projects I never completed or even started, but that’s another post.  We did have a boom selling year, mainly due to Facebook’s Marketplace.

We were able to sell John’s farmhouse tables.  One lady bought the little five-foot table for her kitchen.  She lived in a condo and wanted a larger table to allow her and her friends to play cards every week.  She used a table that’s side folded down. I remember those style tables; my mother had one in her house.  I bought one when I was first married, and there was just two of us and then quickly sold when our family grew.  While it fit in her smaller kitchen, the sides prevented four ladies from sitting and playing cards.

She loved the table, and I am so happy it went to a good home.


We also sold the large 6-foot table to a young man who just purchased a new home.  He also bought the set of light gray chairs which were made to accompany the table. He told me his house was all dark wood and he wanted furniture with some contrast to offset the dark floors.  He believed the white legged table perfectly made that accent he wanted. He had bought his father with him for extra muscle and opinions.  They left happy with their purchases.  He told us he and his fiance were on their way to Ireland.  He had asked John to make him a coffee table to go with the table for his open-plan house’s living room when they return home from their wedding. Hopefully, we will see them in the spring.

This table has been the highlight of John’s table making.  He loved finding the pieces to make this table.  He made a solid oak base, used antique oak wood legs he found in an old barrel in an old country store. I think they may have been piano legs…had wheel coasters on the bottoms. He made a wood top and stained it a deep rich walnut and then applied multiple layers of poly.  The table had a fantastic fine furniture finish.

The chairs were all solid ash made in a French Country Style.  We reupholstered the seats and the open tops in light gray linen which looked lovely.

I loved the richness of the dark wood with the blue accents we have in the house.


I especially love that dark walnut stain with my blue and white tableware.  I have a few pieces of Spode I mix with other blue and white dishes.  That blue looks fantastic against the walnut.  I am sorry the pictures here are so fuzzy…must have moved my arm and it was taken with my old iPhone, not my camera but you can see the color combination.


Finally, we were left with only one table left- the dark walnut farmhouse table with bench.  I decided to keep this for myself.  I find a bench at a table is not conducive to a long dinner or conversation.  Sitting up on a bench your posture is so hard to hold, and it fatigues your back;  so I found another use for it.  I will share that style choice with you in my next post.


We also sold two old school desks that John refinished a few years ago.  I never thought we would sell them, but happily, a couple did take them to use as end tables in their family room.



These desks had that old cast iron detailing that John loved.  He reminded him of the Victorian ironwork he knew in Ireland and England

The tables are kind of neat, but I thought they had lost their appeal.  Never believe that millennials don’t appreciate antiques.  This couple loved them.



We even sold a cast iron treadle sewing machine table. John had never seen them before and we went on a years mission finding and making tables and curio boxes from old antique treadle sewing machines. A gentleman bought the last cabinet table for his quilting artist wife.  He was in West Virginia for work and drove up to the Akron Canton Ohio area to get this table before he drove all the way to Maryland.  Nice guy huh?

He loved the workmanship in the table and the cabinets on the top.  He wanted a place his wife could store her sewing machine and it would fit perfectly on the top.  Before she kept it on a shelf in a back room but now she would place it in plan view as a decorative item until she needed to use it again.

This piece was made from oak and stained that deep walnut using gel stain from General Finishes.  I simply love these gel stain from this company…very rich and deep finish I love.

And it was a vintage Singer to boot!!

We have exceeded all expectation for sales this year.  We no longer have access to a brick and mortar store.  Because we travel, I do not want to lease a building I am able to open only twice a year and then for only a few months.  Sharing a commercial space with someone would be fantastic but is not possible now.  Hopefully, I will be able to find that accommodation next year.

We also sold two vintage sewing machine drawer sets from our Etsy store to a lady,  I also sold a set to a local woman to use as storage in her kitchen for teabags.



These drawers and railings are all original, John crafts a top and bottom to hold the case.  Matching the colors on the original drawers is a skill John has honed following years of furniture making and refinishing.

I even was able to sell a bit of my pebble art on Etsy and on the marketplace.  Here are a few that went to new homes.

Canoeing in the bay by the Lighthouse- Irish Driftwood boat

Kids on a Titter-Totter- did you do this?


One of my favorites- birds on the Fence

A Pair of Pandas


and finally Mama Feeding Baby

So, all in all, it was a Very Good Year…….

Thank you to all who helped in making this such a good year.

Getting ready to go to Ireland now but will post soon on my home and garden issues and how well or not so well those issues went. Smile

Take Good Care

Talk soon


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