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VINTAGE SEWING MACHINES, Quilters, Fabric Stitchers, Seamstresses, Antiquers – Want a great decor item?

Give us an old vintage sewing machine and watch what we can do!



Our Redesign Antiques Department has been taking these old beauties and restoring them to new items of elegance.



We have taken a few of the old machines that had pretty decal still on them and cleans and polished.  John put then onto a handmade wood box with felted feet so they can be used as decorative items.  I think that any person who loves sewing, a quilter or any lover of antiques would want to have this unique decor item.

This Singer I looked up via serial number, and it is a Singer 66 made in 1926 with the Celtic Variation Decals


Celtic Decals

We also have a Franklin Rotary mounted in a light wood box which is also very pretty.


Her decals are also very pretty


We are now working on A Goldstar from Cleveland and a pretty White machine with great decals.  Always on the lookout for more and will take orders to look for a special model for someone!


One item that has been a best seller is the curio/storage boxes; John has made these boxes using old sewing machine drawers.  He makes a top and bottom piece for the frame and drawers which he then hand-matches to the old staining.  He cleans and brightens up the old hardware and lovingly restores these boxes for use by crafters and for everyday users  I used mine for coffee pods and tea bags, other use them in the craft and sewing rooms.  I love looking for the tiger oak, and the old metal pulls on some of these, the detailing is to die for!



John used the cast iron bases to make tables.  He cleaned and restored, repainted the metal and then made wood tables for the tops.  The beauty of the cast iron speaks to John- he still loves these things!

We have made flat tables

Tables with cabinets

Wine Racks

This one made from solid maple

Storage tables

Solid cedar use in the laundry room, potting shed, planter.

WindNWhimsey the shop offers these items and more for sale on our shop page but mainly on Etsy and  also as redesigndlan on Ebay

John is still thinking of new ways to redesign these items.  Any ideas on what you can do with an old sewing machine????

Any quilters or sewing enthusiasts out there…please write in an let me know what you think.

Talk soon


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