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What do you call a flock of European Goldfinch????

Well, the Irish Autumn has arrived; chasing the beautiful Indian Summer down the laneway.  So sorry to see her go.  Autumn is a mixed bag here.  She brings beautiful and rich colors and an infrequent golden sunlight but she also heralds the horrors of gale force winds, horizontal rain, and eventually hurls you into winter.

I hope to find an apple orchard this week.  I am missing apple cider.  In Ireland cider is an alcoholic drink; Bummers cider comes to mind.  I have located an apple press in a local orchard and hope to go get sweet cider; they call it apple juice and only sell it in small bottles like soda bottles of cola, not the gallon jugs I get in Ohio.

Here in rural Ireland, we find the birds are in the midst of their migratory missions.  Every year we find new birds, some we haven’t seen before.  This year, instead of a new bird, we’ve been treated to an abundance of European Goldfinch.

The European goldfinch is one of the most colorful birds in Ireland.  It also has that great bright yellow we see in our Goldfinch but the European bird has a much more colorful palette.  Red, Brown, Beige, White, Black,  and a fantastic bright Yellow; a cornucopia of color.

John and I see this bird on and off all year, usually in a pair set.  The literature says this Goldfinch is a very social bird and travels in large flocks.  I never knew that until this year.

We had 18 birds at one time on our granite table!  I was absolutely amazed.  They have been with us for over a week now.  John uses this table to feed birds all year round.  He distributes Sunflower seed hearts and peanuts  .  He does a booming business.  I read that some people even keep these birds as pets, some breed them.  Because they are so social, it is recommended that the bird is kept in pairs.


If this video loads, I will be Shocked and Awed.  Let me know please someone!

It has been a real treat watching these guys every morning.


So what do you call a flock of European goldfinch?? A charm…really who knew!

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