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The standard train of thought is that an item must be 100 years old to be called an antique.  Now I know for a fact that most antique stores have items they call antiques that are about 50years old and some even consider items from the 1970s to be old enough to be in an antique shop.

“A true antique is an item perceived as having value because of its aesthetic or historical significance and at least 100 years old, although today the term is often used loosely to describe any objects that are old”.Wikipedi

The words collectibles, vintage, and antique seem to be used interchangeably but they are three very DIFFERENT entities.  Antique HQ has a good article describing the difference between the three. Basically, an Antique is 100 years of age or older. A Collectible is less than 100 years of age and Vintage refers to something less than 25 years of age that is back in fashion  {1960 to 1979}.  Retro is described as a vintage item basically from the 1950s only.

Why do people collect anyway?  Some collect for the memory the object evokes…a time in the past you remember of a happy time, or a beauty you saw in a time past, some collect for the money value, the act of acquisition, some collect for the look of the item itself.

In our online shop, we have a rabbit fur coat for sale.  It is from the late 1960s which makes it Vintage and the 1970s bomber jacket we have is from the Beatles era so it is also Vintage.

However, a lot of our wood products in our shop are true antiques and our tiles are definitely Antiques- some are even over 100 years of age.

Some of the wood items are :

Two antique dressing table drawer sets, which we removed from the dressing table and redesigned as wood boxes.  They are quite unique and detailed. Handcrafted from mahogany with wood details of finials and balustrade like tops.  These are treasures to have in any home. They are in our Irish shop but John is taking pre-orders to make similar antique boxes in Ohio.

However, we already have antique items in the Ohio shop.  Our tiles are all over 100 years of age- true antique, unforgettable, objects of beauty. You might ask why anyone might want a tile. Actually, ceramics and tiles themselves are among the top 8 souvenirs purchased by people traveling in a foreign land.  Ireland, Spain, and Portugal are well known for their tile wares aimed at tourists.

Our tiles are all from Ireland and all Irish tiles were made in England.  Remember Ireland was part of Great Britain in the 1990s and early 1900s.  Ireland did not achieve independence from England until the 1916 Easter  Uprising.

Our tiles are mainly early 1900- up to about 1910 and we do have a few as early as 1880s.  Most of the tiles are in art nouveau style and are colorful.  Many have the discoloration of soot from fireplaces on the back and heat crackling in the tile due to the heat.  We also have a few tiles from famous and coveted manufactures and artists- Minton made tiles, Minton tiles designed by artist  John Mohr Smith,  AWN Pugin, and other famous tile makers.

We have a limited variety in the Ohio shop right now and they will be available for the spring and summer of 2018.  We can import a few more at the end of the year. so right now is a good time to purchase a framed tile art piece.

This little beauty is a rare piece from the maker Richards. c. 1905  A Art Nouveau Molded Majolica tile Highly stylized- jewelry like in design.  Lots of fine detail, exquisitely done. Can be researched at Tile Heaven.


This is another beauty- tulips and Celtic green shield like greenery.  My favorite due to the brilliance of the colors and the heraldry in the Celtic design. The early 1900s

Finally, for this post, This is a famous maker. Minton designed by famous A W N Pugin dating to the 1840s and 1950s but produced by Minton China Works in the 188s. a Gothic block print.

Please visit the shop page at our website for more items.

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