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WHEAT- Foodie Dangers Part 2

Hi- I admit it..I am a foodie, I love food, good food at least. I like well prepared, tasty, fresh ingredients sourced meals.  I also like pizza- good pizza, and even some fast food meals.  I have actually given up on most fast foods, not for the unhealthiness of them.  But mainly, the poor quality of the food and weak flavors.  That said, I still like Macdonald french fries as a snack and Wendy hamburgers.  I gave up on sodas a long time ago…actually found them sickly sweet and I never could tolerate the taste of artificial sweeteners.  I do like ice tea with lemon.

But, now having some health issues and being more aware of food health articles, I have become almost obsessed with what’s to eat. I have an autoimmune condition, but I think so must half the planet from what I hear.  I never had anything like this before. Since the late 1990s, I ‘ve heard more and more about food, now it’s almost like a religion.  I find it quite off-putting. But when you can’t walk without pain, or move around as you normally would, you get a bit concerned and yea a bit scared.

As a consumer of food, I found I am quite uninformed and misinformed, and basically uncaring about food.  What I thought was healthy…was –  up to a point, but I relied on the food industry and the word ORGANIC to take all obligations of thought and investigation off my back.  I’ll just eat everything organic and look for non-GMO on labels.  Well OK go ahead and try that. Not that easy.

I learned that GMO is everywhere and just using the word organic does not mean completely free of pesticides, chemicals, free range, etc.  Rules and regs have changed over the years as the food industry started having to fight the war on GMO- more on that another time.


Last week I told you about the British article that blew me away.  The one on US chicken and chlorine. Now I am going to discuss the little bit I have learned about wheat. I never read the book Wheat Belly but I have listened to the vast amount of people, friends, relatives, strangers going back and forth on foodstuff and  Gluten….today’s demon of demons.  It use to be fat, then it was sugar, and now it is gluten.

But after learning something, I now wonder if gluten is the REAL culprit

I remember in the 1980s while working on a Superfund site investigation in Ohio, I was struck about the, what I thought at the time, was very high levels of cases of youth diabetes- type I near us.  At first, I thought there is just too many, is there some correlation with the chemicals at the site. No, as it turned out the entire country WAS experiencing more juvenile diabetes at that time and actually since, correlating it with obesity and high sugar consumption.

So now why all the gluten intolerants???

I came across an article on google…I almost feel embarrassed to say that…google, internet both shunned by the scientific community, Rest assurred I did look at the source citation son these articls and I did look at articles written for medical journals.  That said, the articles on Google were on “European wheat vs American.”  And another on ” why gluten didn’t bother me in Italy.”  Actually, after reading the anecdotal stories on this site, I strongly question the number of celiacs there really are in USA.

But what I did find in an article was on toxic wheat.    I found that while there has been lots of discussion on different varieties of wheat-  American vs European, and other articles on wheat belly, GMO, hybridization, genetics of foods, etc.  However, ONE fact that stood out to me was the use of ROUNDUP.  Another blow my mind incident.

There is a chemical in Roundup that is used as a desiccant to dry the wheat before processing.  The article states” glyphosate to wheat and barley as a desiccant was suggested as early as 1980.  It has since become routine over the past 15 years and is used as a drying agent 7-10 days before harvest within the conventional farming community”.

Just do a search with the words Roundup & Wheat and look at both sides of the argument. The wheat foundation says the use of glyphosate is harmless. But just keep reading-I have read a good many articles on this process and roundup…trying to exempt articles are written by the wheat industry and also by the health food gurus I have a link for you from the National Geographic.  This article states the UN Research Center on Cancer now states this chemical may be carcinogenic and recommends more studies.  Some countries are banning the product.  A 2009 medical article in the Journal Research-University of Caen, Institute of Biology, Lab. Biochemistry EA2608, Esplanade de la Paix, 14032 Caen cedex, France., states it is a hormone disrupter in humans with potential responses in breast cancer and others.

Another issue on roundup is the grains that are GMO modified for Roundup and those sprayed are then processes into grains and feeds for our livestock….the chemicals in the livestock stores up in the animal,,,, so we consume the meat and voila!  The more I read the more concerned I get.

Now I must tell you I am not a food scientist, nor a chemist, and no longer actively employed in the healthcare industry.  Also, I am really just skimming the surface here to give you a heads up as it were. The rest is up to you but I am happy to share what I find with you.

Now I am not too happy with this controversy and will probably lean toward what  I think is the safer side.  I will now buy cold air chicken and try very hard to find grains that are NOT soaked in Roundup.  King Arthur Flour has organic flours it says are not made from wheat sprayed with Roundup but please contact them yourself if this issue concerns you.

I am still in Ireland, where this is not a real issue for me as yet.  So I am now trying to source foods and grains in the USA that I feel comfortable consuming.  As I do this I will keep a list.  Please let me know if you want a copy.

Will talk about organic foods next time.

Great talking to you. Please leave a comment.

Talk again soon.


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