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WHIMSY Pebble Art

Still In Ireland where I have learned a new technique…art form…Pebble art. The really is a lot of this on the internet, which gave me the inspiration to do the same. It is very relaxing but requires a bit more thinking that I assumed when I first saw a few pieces in an art store.

I had a ton of fun going to the local beaches to get flat stones and driftwood. I love the beach anyway and the Irish sea beaches in Wexford have a calm beauty. I’ll share some pictures with you later.

These shadow boxes framed artworks were created using Irish Sea pebbles and driftwood. I also used Irish bog oak John had in his chest of many things and I used local Flora of grasses twigs moss and my eucalyptus bush.

I plan to bring my supplies back to Ohio and make some more of these beauties.

Cute aren’t they? What do you think?

Share this lovely piece with your friends and family.